europeanpolotournament-97-2015-12-11GSanta María Polo Club and Dos Lunas Polo & Dressage collaborating for this new venture that is already shaping up to be one of the most promising low goal tournaments in Continental Europe. The tournament will last a month, and those who will be participating will have the possibility to stay longer and participate in the exciting low and medium goal Spring Season. Santa María offers premium stables services and lodging for grooms at very competitive rates, to make the prolongation of the stay in Sotogrande possible for everyone.
The tournament program is quite broad and includes Argentinian asados on sunday after the matches, a Players’ gala and the option to have alternative activities in Sotogrande and its surroundings. The club offers to them that cannot transport their horses, rental options that include stables and grooms.
Thanks to the connections with all European cities through the international airports of Gibraltar and Málaga, there is no excuse that can keep the polo aficionados from visiting this Andalusian gem and improving their sportive skills. Both clubs, Santa María and Dos Lunas, have top notch facilities that ensure the optimum comfort for the horses, and the climatic conditions of the region make Sotogrande the place to be.


One weekend of practices and three weekends of competitions in the European Polo Mecca that is Sotogrande.

February 17th to 20th

1st part: February 26th to 28th
2nd part: March 4th to 6th
3rd part: March 11th to 13th

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