greatlevelshowedinpilar-22-2015-12-21GAfter postponements due to bad weather, the Cámara de Diputados Cup resumed its activity at the grounds of the AAP in Pilar with the following matches:

-La Quinta 10 vs La Mariana Pite Merlos 9 (In the third chukker, Guillermo Cavanagh Jr. replaced Jaime García Huidobro)
-Martindale 12 vs Cuatro Vientos 11
-La Esquina 16 vs Namuncurá 6
-La Cañada Black Hound 14 vs Chapa Uno 13
-La California 12 vs La Mancha 11

On wednesday the tournament will continue with the games as follows:

10am: Puerta Abierta vs. Centauros Yellow Rose & Alegría Millarville vs. Miramar Fiesta sobre Ruedas
4pm: El Remanso vs. Coronel Suárez Miramar & Las Monjitas Polo vs Power Horse Escorihuela Gascón

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