Kids Polo Palm Beach

kidspolopalmbeach-47-2015-1-221GOn a beautiful afternoon at the Everglades Polo Club in Wellington Florida, 4 teams took the field, some meeting for the first time, others having grown up side by side. The past chemistry between Bollini, Daniels and Ganzi along with a new teammate, Guillerhme Maia, proved successful as they captured the 2015 Polo Training Foundation’s Blanco TX Cup title.

Grand Champions met Casablanca in the opening round and only barely eked by Toro Ruiz, Lauren Biddle, Alex Job Said and Keegan Walsh in an overtime shootout. GJ Racing with a little extra help from their youngest player, 15 year old Jack McLean, who scored two goals, gained their spot in the final by defeating World Polo News/Escue 3-2.

In the Consolation Final, Casablanca controlled most of the first chukker, as Toro Ruiz broke away again and again, while his teammates Biddle, Said, and Walsh cleared and defended, giving them a 2-1 lead at the end of the 1st. The second chukker brought a newly organized WPN/Escue team on the field who held Ruiz to only one field goal while Derek Berg and Wesley Bryan both notched two goals apiece, giving WPN/Escue the Win of 6-3 over Casablanca.

The much anticipated final was an amazing display of horsemanship and teamwork by all eight players. Both teams went back and forth, breakaways, team plays, with only one goal sneaking in by 16 year old Liam Lott coming off a nice play by teammates Gonzalez and Villamil ending the chukker 1-0 to GJ Racing. Grand Champions upped the ante in the second chukker with beautiful teamwork and added two field goals by Daniels and Bollini, giving the lead to Grand Champions at 2-1. With under a minute left on the clock, GJ Racing’s McLean took off on a breakaway, getting everyone out their seats, but the shot went just wide, and Grand Champions with a one goal lead, won the 2015 Blanco TX Cup!!!

GJ Racing’s Jack McLean was nominated the Most Valuable Player of the day, having scored 2 of his team’s 4 goals throughout the mini tournament. The Best Playing Pony Award went to Matias Gonzalez’ gelding “Pampa,” who played two and a half of Matias’ four chukkers!!

GJ Racing
Matias Gonzalez
Liam Lott
Jack McLean
Manuel Villamil

World Polo News / Escue
Derek Berg
Wesley Bryan
Jose Merielles Jr.
Ayaan Quraeshi

Grand Champions
Juancito Bollini
Justin Daniels
Grant Ganzi
Guillerhme Maia

Lauren Biddle
Alex Job
Victorino “Toro” Ruiz
Keegan Walsh