M3 Strolling Wild & Evergreen Sweep March Finals at Empire Polo Club

empireM3 Strolling Wild and Evergreen came out on top in their league finals on Sunday, March 29th at the Empire Polo Club. It was a perfect day for polo with a large crowd to help celebrate the end of the season and Closing Day.
M3 took home the 6-8 Goal Champions Cup along with a big check and Rich Roenisch bronzes. They defeated ReMax 11-10 in overtime. Evergreen def. Empire 11.5-8 to win the 4-Goal Lions Cup. Both teams also won the mid-month finals on March 15th.
4-Goal Lions Cup Finals
Evergreen won the 4-Goal Lions Cup Finals, $6,000 and Rich Roenisch Bronzes.

Empire Polo Team was the runner-up and took home $2000. From left to right: Bianca Nolasco, Hayward Pardue, Rob Scapa, Lolo Payan and Jim Wright.
MVP Noah Sprung
BPP Muneca owned by Bryan Middleton, played by Peter Blake.
6-8 Goal Champions Cup Final
M3 Strolling Wild won the 6-8 Goal Champions Cup Final, $30,000 and Rich Roenisch bronzes.

Remax was the runner-up in the 6-8 Goal Champions Cup Finals. They took home $10,000. From left to right: Bianca Nolasco, Joseph Stuart, Kyle Fargey, Mr. & Mrs. Haagen, Dayelle Fargey and Gordon Ross.
MVP Kyle Fargey
BPP Rome, owned and played by Kyle Fargey