empireM3 Strolling Wild and Evergreen came out on top in their league finals on Sunday, March 29th at the Empire Polo Club. It was a perfect day for polo with a large crowd to help celebrate the end of the season and Closing Day.
M3 took home the 6-8 Goal Champions Cup along with a big check and Rich Roenisch bronzes. They defeated ReMax 11-10 in overtime. Evergreen def. Empire 11.5-8 to win the 4-Goal Lions Cup. Both teams also won the mid-month finals on March 15th.
4-Goal Lions Cup Finals
Evergreen won the 4-Goal Lions Cup Finals, $6,000 and Rich Roenisch Bronzes.

Empire Polo Team was the runner-up and took home $2000. From left to right: Bianca Nolasco, Hayward Pardue, Rob Scapa, Lolo Payan and Jim Wright.
MVP Noah Sprung
BPP Muneca owned by Bryan Middleton, played by Peter Blake.
6-8 Goal Champions Cup Final
M3 Strolling Wild won the 6-8 Goal Champions Cup Final, $30,000 and Rich Roenisch bronzes.

Remax was the runner-up in the 6-8 Goal Champions Cup Finals. They took home $10,000. From left to right: Bianca Nolasco, Joseph Stuart, Kyle Fargey, Mr. & Mrs. Haagen, Dayelle Fargey and Gordon Ross.
MVP Kyle Fargey
BPP Rome, owned and played by Kyle Fargey