Men win in Barbados to bring scores even

images-news-10389346_1608990842665030_3097605521960698987_nA second victory for the boys makes it two wins apiece in this year’s Battle of the Sexes

In yesterday’s Battle of the Sexes Final, Diamonds International Men claimed victory against their Virgin Atlantic Ladies (Hazel Jackson, Sarah Wiseman, Tiva Gross and Vicki Gonzalez) opposition, giving the boys their second win of the week. While the girls, having won in Thursday’s match, rode into the Final with two wins under their belts, the men showed no signs of backing off in yesterday’s Final, and the final score of 5-3 in favour of Diamonds International Men meant the tour concluded, and even two wins each.
The tournament, which started last weekend, has seen various Diamonds International Men and Virgin Atlantic Ladies line-ups face one another on four separate occasions. The boys were the first to find their form, winning the opening match of the series, yet the girls replied with two consecutive wins in Tuesday and Thursday’s matches.

Photograph: The presentation at yesterday’s Final. By Barbados Polo Club