The polo playing hunk who bedded Jeremy Kyle's wife: Everything you need to know about James Carr

Jeremy-Kyle-wife-affairCarr, who twice represented England at polo in 2011, claims he bedded Kyle’s wife more than 20 times.

A polo playing 25-year-old has been revealed as the final nail in the coffin for Jeremy Kyle and Carla Germaine’s 13 year marriage.

James Carr claimed he had sex up to 20 times with Jeremy Kyle’s wife as the mouthy talk show host was away in the US.

He claims he bedded Carla Germaine, 40, in the space of “six or seven meetings”.

James says the pair became pals when she went for a polo lesson three years ago and they swapped numbers after a night out in June.

The dark-haired hunk, who played for England twice in 2011, said they shared first kiss in March after meeting at Ascot’s Bar One, before becoming lovers in June.

He wasn’t serious about Carla – and has never watched an episode of Jeremy Kyle. “Our connection was pure sex. It was what it was and it could never be anything else”, he said.

James is an ex public schoolboy and former pupil at £25,000-a-year Wellington College in Crowthorne, Berks.

The toyboy revealed Carla, who lived with husband Jeremy opposite his rented pad, used to slip out of her house earlier and earlier.

Their fling ended when gossip caught up with them.

“At the polo club I was asked again if we were having an affair. It was everywhere – we just cut off all contact. There wasn’t even a goodbye.”

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