A New Generation of Regeneration

LipogemsAdvances in Stem Cell Therapy in the UK
An innovative approach to tissue bioengineering and therapy has hit the shores of the UK this month for horses in the form of Lipogems technology. The surgical procedure for the harvesting and isolation of micro-fragmented adipose tissue, rich in activated pericytes and mesenchymal stem cells is not only simple but safe. The technique is based on new findings on the molecular biology of epithelial tissues made at Case Western University, Miami University, UCLA and Pasteur Institute. This new minimally invasive approach to tissue regeneration spells a new era in regenerative medicine that empowers and harnesses the body’s physiological healing mechanisms.

The Lipogems technique has been developed by Swiss-Italian surgeon Dr Carlo Tremolada MD who was looking for a better way to create adipose grafts for human maxillofacial surgery. Unexpectedly, his patients experienced a significant reduction in the bruising and inflammation normally associated with such surgery. The US Patented Lipogems device is FDA approved and has CE marking in Europe.

At a recent seminar held at Cirencester Park Polo Club, led by Dr Tremolada, Dr Todd Malan and Dr Tim Watson as the lead veterinary surgeon, four other leading equine vets were trained and accredited as the first veterinary practitioners authorised to perform the procedure in the UK.

Since the seminar, Dr Tim Watson has performed a number of procedures. It has been used to treat conditions including: osteoarthritis, lesions of the superficial and deep flexor tendons, suspensory ligament desmitis and chronic granulating distal limb wounds. This technique has long-term anti-inflammatory and substantial anti-bacterial and analgesic effects and to date no adverse reaction has been recorded either at the site of the adipose harvest or the lipogems injection. Ultrasonographic and radiographic evidence of tissue repair has been identified just three weeks after treatment.

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Photograph: Dr Murray Shotter from Shotter & Byers Veterinary Clinic harvesting tissue to be used in a procedure. By ©Hugh Dickens


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