britishby Steve Crowder

The British Open as most high goal tournaments in the World are seldom won without a 10 goal player but this one maybe . It has been a long time since this happened but I think it will, in the UK. and it may have been the last time over 5 years ago. Lets look at today the Semis of the British Open probably the most competitive tournament in the World

Valiente Vs King Power might have been 4 of the best 6 goal players in the World The Pieres Brothers Facundo and Gonzalo vs Cambiaso and Nero who is not rated 10 in UK but is anywhere else on the planet. The big thing about this game it was not the 10 goalers it was the low goal players 1 and one 2 goal players.They made it happen on Valiente it was young Rob and Hall and on King Power it was Tal and Lewis seldom is there a goal scored that they did not assist if not making it themselves this is what makes the UK so different and why I think it is the best Polo in the World today. In the other semis you have La Indiana the Cinderella Team and yes Roldan is playing amazing as well as Tincho and they all work for Lusarreta who is 9 goals next week I am sure but M.Bicjford is in 50 % of the plays and they can never leave him alone. I think hats off to the low goal players they deserve it and not only on these teams look at the Quarters lot of 10’s but they all had there aces at 0 to 2 . This is what will make Polo what it was a Super Sport because it makes everyone part of the Team. I f they control the Horse count it will be even better and become a amazing team sport. Today’s games were amazing and very close and will be a fantastic finals I hope the Weather is great and I do think La Indiana will win. Not that means anything but this team has only 1 new guy on the block and he is equal to the young guns and KP is dealing with a double and they are great mind you. To me they have the edge bu,t it is never easy to beat GP in the Finals he has his Dads mojo.
Other news :
Nick Rennekamp Stables look it up. same name all lower case .com in the center of the horse world KENTUCKY is putting on a sale for Green Horses he knows the game and he does know horses they will be the right type and bred to do IT. He is a top seller of the best we see so many places.
Also if in Santa Barbara look for Adam Snows book Polo Life it is going off the charts in Europe so take a look and then read it .
Down in San Diego with all there survival skills they continue and Ashton is still on the run and Steve Pollack and team came out on top Sunday . They may not play high goal but they are high goal in crowds they just DO IT in Party town and the races start this weekend so head to where the Surf meets the Turf. SD polo is big but watch if not in the UK Sunday at 7 our time there will be 12,000 people at that game .
Need Visas for players or grooms ? We have a connection who has done it before she gets it done fast and reasonable her name is Joyce Dilugos and her email she can keep the horses happy with a great groom .
see ya @ POLO


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