Once again, Doña Sofia Polo impressed guests with an extraordinary auction of its best products. The event was held on a spring afternoon at La Indiana Polo Club.

Adolfo Cambiaso, Charlie Armstrong, Sapo Caset and Gonzalo Pieres were just a few of the most reknowed names in polo to atended the event. An outdoor cocktail and presentation of several mares got things going before the auction began.

Rodrigo Rueda was the appointed auctioneer. Highlights of the night were the sales of three products belonging to Sage family: DS Ethelina, daughter of Cambiaso’s famous winning mare, Ethel; DS See Me and DS Jimmy, both sons of Show Me and Shawnee, respectively, clones of Sage. Dolfina Isis, the only player mare offered, was purchased by a renowned player. Several descendants of the great Sportivo and Dolfina Cuartetera were also on sale.

The surprise of the night was the presentation of Ethel’s first clone, a new born filly who has never been put up for sale. Over 40 products were sold, including four fillies and eight embryos.

The evening was a great success for one of the top breeding, embryo transfer and cloning centers in the world, as every product on offer was sold.

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