Harriman Cup

On Saturday September 17, 2016 the 32nd playing of the Harriman Cup was held once again at Bethpage Polo at the Park. “Team Yale” Liz Brayboy, Robert Burke, Branden Van Loon & Jim DiAngelis vs. “Team UVA” Adam Klopp. C.B. Scherer, LJ Lopez & Nick Barry.

On a picture perfect day these teams played to a sold out crowd. In the 1st chukker UVA took a quick lead with 2 goals scored by Barry. A #2 penalty and a field goal. At the end of 1 the score was 2 – 0 UVA. In the 2nd chukker Brayboy & DiAngelis both scored goals for their Yale team. This time they left UVA empty. At the end of the 2nd the score was tied at 2.


The 3rd and 4th chukkers were owned by UVA scoring 3 goals in each chukker. Kloop scored 1 goal, Scherer scored 2 goals and Lopez notched 3 goals. UVA defensively held Yale scoreless. At the end of the 4th the score was 8 – 2 UVA. In the 5th chukker UVA’s Lopez added 2 more goals to their tally. Yale never gave up fighting back with Van loon scoring. At the end of the 5th the score was 10 – 3. In the 6th and final chukker Van Loon scored another goal for Yale while this time they held UVA scoreless. The time ran down and Team UVA were victorious in the 32nd playing of the Harriman Cup with the final score 10 – 4.


Most Valuable Player and high scorer of the match went to LJ Lopez with 5 goals to his credit. Best Playing Pony went to “Pethanke” a Yale owned horse played by Branden Van Loon in the 5th chukker. #TheHarrimanCup

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