The Joe Barry Cup Begins

204T1034Wins For Coca-Cola And Enigma
Hot off last week’s win in the Herbie Pennell Cup Final, Coca-Cola commanded the field again on the opening day of the 2016 Joe Barry Cup on Saturday 9 January. Coca-Cola took a 12-8 win over Tonkawa and stands undefeated after three games in the 20-goal season at the International Polo Club Palm Beach (IPC). Earlier in the day, Enigma defeated La Indiana 12-9.

Coca-Cola came out strongly right from the word go, and for 42 minutes straight never let its opponent get an inch ahead. Although Tonkawa tied the game a few times, they were just unable to press home any advantage on Coca-Cola. Arellano scored six goals, all the while making Sebastian Merlos’ life as difficult as possible. Deltour took a pass from Merlos and made a speedy run to goal, tightening the gap to 4-3. Coca-Cola worked hard, taking an 8-5 lead at the end of the first half.

Jeff Hildebrand played above his handicap, making some spectacular goals. In the fourth chukka he picked up the ball from Merlos and repeatedly hit it to himself on a run into goal, all the while being chased mercilessly by Krueger. Direct from the next throw-in and an all-in-one hit, Arellano scored with a stunning three-quarter neck shot along the ground, taking Coca-Cola to a 10-6 lead to close out the fourth chukka. Each team made two goals in the fifth but were scoreless in the final chukka, with the game ending 12-8 for Coca-Cola.

In its second go of the season against La Indiana, Enigma took another win, this time with a 12-9 victory. Last week Enigma beat La Indiana to win the Herbie Pennell Subsidiary Final.

This time Enigma got off to a slow start, trailing by one to two goals in each of the first three chukkas. La Indiana neutralized it in the second chukka, keeping Enigma from scoring. The first half closed with La Indiana leading 5-4. Enigma tied things up at 6-6 in the fourth chukka and methodically began to push ahead for the last two chukkas to win 12-9.

Players on both teams shared the firepower, with no big gun in the game. Matias MacDonough scored five goals for Enigma; Carlucho Arellano made four and Jeff Hall three. Joao Paulo Ganon led the scoring for La Indiana with four goals. Michael Bickford made three, and Ruki Baillieu scored twice.

The Final for the Joe Barry Cup will be played for on Sunday 24 January.

Coca-Cola: Gillian Johnston (2), Sugar Erskine (7), Julio Arellano (8) & Steve Krueger (3)

Tonkawa: Jeff Hildebrand (0), Gonzalo Deltour (7), Sebastian Merlos (9) & Mason Wroe (4)

Result: Coca-Cola beat Tonkawa, 12-8

La Indiana: Michael Bickford (1), Joao Paulo Ganon (7), Ruki Baillieu (7) & Tommy Biddle (5)

Enigma: Jerome Wirth (1), Jeff Hall (7), Matias MacDonough (7) & Carlucho Arellano (5)

Result: Enigma beat La Indiana, 12-9

Photograph: La Indiana fight for the ball against Enigma. By Alex Pacheco

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