World-class polo players Adam Snow, Owen Rinehart and Julian Daniels are teaming up to offer a unique opportunity this fall at Langdon Road Polo Club, in Aiken, South Carolina.

A unique opportunity, the “Weekend Immersion” has previously only been available to Team USPA members – now, it will be open to the public. However, there is limited availability and each of the three weekends is limited to only two sponsors. Weekend Immersion activities consist of a 12-14 goal Friday match specifically designed to help players improve their game. Followed on Saturday by a private stick & ball session focused on swings and drills. A Sunday final featuring a competitive game with a trophy ceremony and gathering afterwards will round out the weekend.

“We have found these weekends are ideal for the player who is already playing tournament polo, though not necessarily at this level, and wants to improve their game while having fun doing it,” said former 10-goaler and Hall of Famer Adam Snow.

Adam and Owen Gold Cup
Owen Rinehart and Adam Snow playing in the USPA Gold Cup

Fellow Hall of Famer and former 10-goal player Owen Rinehart added, “In working with Team USPA, we find that giving them the opportunity to play clean, fast, safe and open polo really accelerates the learning curve. This is good old-fashioned four-man polo. We don’t give you every play, but it isn’t as cutthroat as tournament polo either. The pros are all focused on giving you the best possible experience, based on what your objectives are for the weekend. People learn better when they are having fun and can just play.”

0-goal player Kim Snider says, “Playing the game well and teaching others to play it well are two very different skill sets. All these guys have both. Most of us lower level sponsors tend to be budget conscious. Holy cow! Where else can you play at this level, on these fields, with these guys, for this kind of money? Nowhere! It’s insane!”

Three weekends are scheduled: October 14-16, October 21-23 and October 28-30. Players may bring in their own horses or lease a string. Interested applicants are encouraged to visit the Langdon Road Polo website http://langdonroadpolo.com for full details. Or email info@langdonroadpolo.com

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