Polo Action in Berkshire continues

arena-gold-cup-2016-team-picazo-polo-studYesterday the preliminary matches for the Arena Gold Cup at the Royal County of Berkshire Polo Club in England came to an end. In the first match, Team 12 Chops, including Charlie Wooldridge (+3), Roddy Williams (+6) and Jamie Morrison (+6), won against Team Regal Eclipse, consisting of Raph Singh (+3), Alec Banner-Eve (+4) and Johnny Good (+8) by 18-12 and thus was the only team boasting two victories in the preliminary round.

In the second match, Team Picazo Polo Stud with Estelle Wagner (+1), Patrick Maleitzke (+5) and Eduardo Anca (+7) encountered Team Sifani, including Hilali Noorden (+1), Nico san Roman (+4) and 10-goaler Chris Hyde. Due to their lower team handicap, Team Picazo Polo Stud received four goals in advance. In the second chukka, Team Picazo Polo Stud maintained its ground and Patrick Maleitzke, who just as his team mates Estelle Wagner and Eduardo Anca participated in the tournament for the first time, scored two goals.

The second chukka ended in a 12-12 draw, but in the third chukka Team Sifani piled the pressure. At the end of the chukka, Team Sifani was in the lead by 19-16 and in the fourth chukka Chris Hyde once again opened the throttle. Team Picazo Polo Stud did not give in, but could not gain ground and in the end the threesome could not repeat their great performance from the opening match. By scoring seven gaols in the final chukka, Team Sifani won impressively by 26-16.

In the semi-final, taking place on Thursday, 25 February, 12 Chopas will meet Gaucho, followed by Four Quarters Orange encountering Sifani. On Saturday, Team Picazo Polo Stud will fight against Regal Eclipse for fifth place and the Bronze Cup.

Sifani (+15)
Hilali Noorden (+1)
Nico san Roman (+4)
Chris Hyde (+10)

Gaucho (+15)
Faisal Al-Rifai (+3)
Harold Hodges (+5)
Adolfo Casabal (+7)

12 Chops (+15)
Charlie Wooldridge (+3)
Roddy Williams (+6)
Jamie Morrison (+6)

Four Quarters Orange (+15)
Simon Arber (+1)
Richard Le Poer (+7)
Jack Richardson (+7)

Regal Eclipse (+15)
Raph Singh (+3)
Alec Banner-Eve (+4)
Johnny Good (+8)

Picazo Polo Stud (+13)
Estelle Wagner (+1)
Patrick Maleitzke (+5)
Eduardo Anca (+7)

Polo Action in Berkshire continues

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