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mallet4Not everybody can make a polo mallet as it is very time intensive and requires perfection to make. I started my company Benmyers Polo International (BENNYPOLO631@GMAIL.COM) specifically to make polo mallets and equipment 22 years ago and I have also been playing polo for the past 25 years . We have been exporting our polo canes & polo mallet to Sapo Caset ( 10 goals ) Juan Manuel Martin , Pablo Dorinac , Miguel Diaz in Argentina along with some notable polo personalities and countries like India , New Zealand ( JP Clarkin ), Australia (Millamolong) and Horse land ( Jim Kennard ) , Singapore (Sunny Khan) , Malaysia (Saladin Yazlan ), Thai polo (Damian Marcos ) , Africa ( (Steven Evans) Argentina 30 Yardas .J.M mallet , Jorge Villamill ,USA, Pablo Mendina , Tatos and England Greg Glue
98 % rattan canes in the world are produced in Sumatra, Kalimatan and Irian Jaya forest. Nobody knows about this reality because all these canes were being smuggled to Singapore and Malaysia. Indonesia government does not allow the export of raw materials rattan canes over 6 meter in length
Story of the rattan canes
Rattan canes has 300 species . Only 3 species can be used for polo mallet. Manau canes, sega and batu and 3 type of polo rattan canes can be used for polo mallets. Original length of polo rattan canes is between 20 meter to 50 meters long and lives beside the big there to reach a sun like a snake. NOTED FOR every 20 or 50 meters long of canes only 1 polo canes can be produce for polo stick because the handle of polo mallets come from the roots of the cane and 1 canes only have 1 root.
How to get the polo canes
Our farmers will go inside the jungle by a group of minimum 10 -15 people. Walking towards the jungle for almost 20 days journeys. Many risk will be taken during the searching of the polo cane, some of them are attacked by the famous Sumatra tigers and bears , also big poison snake. Sometimes been chasing the lampung elephant . A lot of risk has been taken by the poor farmers and the canes are covered by a very sharp needle all over the place.
The cane is covered by a very sharp needle. Many farmers have been hurt during taking the canes because of the covered needle. The polo cane will be cut into 6 meters and 100 pieces will be carried by two people on their shoulders walking besides the high cliff mountain in wet raining season or dry season. Sometimes some of the farmers cannot make it home, got hurt or had an accident during the journey and we have send more people to the jungle to find them. It is an extremely difficult job for our Indonesian poor farmers.
The farmers only get paid US $ 1.00 or maximum US $ 1.50 per cane. But the smugglers from Singapore and Malaysia selling at US $ 20 per cane, very pitiful for our Indonesian farmers. The reason I go into this business is because of my hobby ( polo ) and of course to help my countryman especially to help the economic condition of our poor farmers.
Polo mallet is custom made and handcrafted. To make a polo stick you have to choose the right polo canes.

1. Diameters of the canes must be tapered down 20 millimeter on handle 16 millimeter on mallet head (like a tail of a mouse )

2. Old canes age must be more
15 years old and above

3. Good skin (look nice )

4. Good knots (to stop the vibration )

5. The right cutting polo canes to get stiffness of the canes verry stiff , stiff medium stiff , medium whippy and whippy canes

6. Straightening polo canes with fire

7. Putting the right position of handles on the polo canes by following the nerves of the rattan .canes to avoid vibration after hitting the polo balls or sometimes hitting the polo field (soiled)

8. Making size of the handle L.M.S or general size

9. Cutting for length 54 , 53 , 52 , 51 , 50 inch depending on customer .

10. Finishing with varnish polo canes.
I can safely say that at present, I have become the Maestro in making a perfect polo mallet. The new young generation polo mallet manufacturers from Argentina (Damian Marcos ) , France (Andrien Legallo ) Malaysia (Saladin Mazlan ) , and many more people interested from Argentina , India , Pakistan ,Uruguay , Chile are still perfecting their art of making a polo mallet and getting the finished canes form us. Because we make 90% finished product for our customer, the maker only has to put their own polo cigar teppah head and the rubber grip, with the balance of the canes written on every handles on what weight should to put on every canes to make it balance for the polo sticks.
Now everybody can make polo mallet as we have made it easy for everybody. To make polo mallet by doing all the difficult job for them and we make very strict selection on every polo canes not more than 10 % from our suppliers ( farmers ) will past our Quality control our high aim is to have good quality , durability and of course value pricing. I sincerely hope that this has been an informative article for all those looking to purchase the best polo mallet and also for those who are looking to sell them in other parts of the world.
We appreciate and look forward to the world’s polo community to look into our products and help us succeed so you can succeed too.

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