porotoPoroto Cambiaso proved to be a “chip off the old block” Tuesday afternoon, scoring seven times in Valiente’s (Mia Cambiaso, Poroto Cambiaso, Pablo Spinacci and Federico Farina) 9- 1½ win over Silver Spring Management/Stage Hill (Oliver Firestone, Martin Rodriguez, Fernando Talavera and Matias Obregon) in the Grand Champions 6-goal Halo Polo tournament.
Although Silver Spring received one-half goal by handicap from the six goal Valiente team, Poroto Cambiaso opened the scoring from the field with a goal in the first chukker followed by a goal from teammate Federico Farina. Cambiaso’s second goal of the period was complimented by shutout defense as Valiente took the early 3-½ lead.
Offense difficulties continued for Silver Spring into the second chukker as Valiente continued to build on their lead. A goal from the field from Pablo Spinacci was followed by a 30-yard penalty conversion from Cambiaso that gave Valiente a commanding 5-½ halftime lead in the four chukker contest
The Valiente dominance continued into the third period and Cambiaso’s skills on the field continued to impress. Two more goals from the field from the 10-year-old phenom had Valiente riding a 7-½ lead with one chukker remaining in regulation time.
The fourth chukker provided no letup for Silver Spring as the talented 10-year-old continued to pick away at their defense. Two more goals from the youngster stretched the Valiente lead to 9-½. Matias Obregon save face for the silver Spring lineup with a 60-yard penalty conversion for the final score in the 9-1½ Valiente victory.
Cambiaso burned up the field with seven goals on the day (one on a penalty shot). Spinacci and Farina added single goals for the win. Obregon scored on a penalty shot and Silver Spring received one-half goal on handicap in the loss.
The victory boosted the Valiente record to 1-1 while Silver Spring dropped to 0-3.

Poroto Cambiaso: a chip off the old block in Valiente win

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