titletotarjetagrupar-70-2016-2-31GAfter 3 great polo matchdates, the Copa Sampacho, which took place at the Estancia El Tala, in Córdoba, Argentina, came to an end. But not only was polo the main character of the tournament since camaraderie and friendship have always been an important part of Sampacho.

The last 3 games to decide the champion were played on Tuesday. First, was the time for one of the candidates, Pulenta Estate, to face El Tala. But at the end it was a victory to the latter, who outscored Pulenta Estate 9-7. Later on, it was a tie between Hacienda del Plata and El Productor 6-6. So, it was finally the time for Tarjeta Grupar to raise the trophy in case they could beat Magui Express. And they did it after a convincing 10-7.

Celebrations and prize giving was the way to end up such a friendly competition during three days.

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