talsrivaddhanaprabha-23-2016-7-141GAfter King Power Foxes beat Valiente 11-10 in the semifinals of the Gold Cup for the British Open, Tal Srivaddhanaprabha, who reached his first ever final of this tournament, talked to Pololine.

On reaching the final of the Gold Cup for the British Open: “It’s always difficult to play in the High Goal, especially in the Gold Cup, that you have a lot of good teams. Especially this year for me myself is the first time in a final. It’s always difficult to play against Valiente, Cambiaso and Juan Martin. I think we started slowly, but we improved game by game, chukker by chukker; on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th we tried to talk to each other and improved the tactics. It’s great that we have a good team and a good organisation that push us, gives us a lot of support and took us to the final”.

On being in the same situation as Top, his brother, who reached last year’s final: “He always give me some pressure, but he is a great brother and supports every step, every game that King Power Foxes plays. And he always give some good advice of what I did wrong during the chukker, like: ‘you have to do like that’, and that is what I did against these guys. All the credit to him, he is probably like a lucky gem to me that sent us to the final”.

On how to play the final: “We don’t know yet, both of them (Zacara and La Indiana) are very very good. We have to talk about how we are going to play each of the teams, how to improve our game. Against Valiente we started slowly, and maybe next game we have to come early, start training quicker and, let’s do it! Always believe in ourselves, that we can win it at any game. A final is always open, anybody can win in a final. It’s all about good preparation, the teamwork and how we do it in the final”.

King Power Foxes vs Valiente (I)

King Power Foxes vs Valiente (II)

La Indiana vs Zacara (I)

La Indiana vs Zacara (II)


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