Palm City Polo Club Hosts March Tournament Finals

The Palm City Polo Club March tournament culminated this past weekend with finals and consolation matches held in perfect polo conditions. Mayer Ranch triumphed in the 6-10 goal league over Spats/Pony Up and Kings Hill defeated TuffRider in the 3-6 goal league. In the consolation matches, Stone Pony outscored Boca Polo the 6-10 goal league and Precise Property, Inc. claimed victory in overtime against Greenhill Winery in the 3-6 goal league.


Mayer Ranch Dressed Down Pony Up to Win 10-Goal Final 6-5.5 
In the 6-10 goal league final on Sunday, Mayer Ranch refused to be denied the championship title scoring in every chukker to maintain the lead for most of the match.

Pony Up showed a half goal due to the handicap, however, Timmy Sharma soon put Mayer Ranch in the lead scoring the only goal from the field in the first chukker for a score of 1-.5. Sharma scored again in the second chukker increasing the spread temporarily. Pony Up ponied up with goals by Adam Koffler and Pancho Eddy to put them on top for the first time at the half 2.5-2.
Ken Mayer
Mayer led the charge for his team in the third chukker sending one through the posts along with another goal by Sharma while the opposition only showed a single shot by Eddy. The two goals put Mayer Ranch back on top by half a goal with one more chukker remaining 4-3.5.
The final chukker was exciting as each team scored which constantly changed the lead. Eddy scored first for Pony Up to give them the lead 4.5-4. Then Mayer put his team back on top 5-4.5 until Koffler notched his third goal giving Pony Up the lead once more 5.5-5. Refusing to give up, Mayer’s Hector Galindo earned his keep scoring the final goal and securing the victory 6-5.5.

Mayer Ranch                Pony Up             
Ken Mayer A                   Adam Koffler A
Timmy Sharma 1             Charlie Muldoon 4
Cacho Galindo 2              Pancho Eddy 4
Hector Galindo 5             Rick Salter B

The Mayer Ranch and Pony Up teams  
Stone Pony Rocks Defeating Boca Polo in 10-Goal Consolation Match 5.5 – 5
In the consolation match on Sunday, the team from Stone Pony outscored Boca Polo right from the start. Their handicap gave a 2.5 on the scoreboard before the first ball was tossed and Dennis Fitzpatrick added to the tally with one from the field to give Stone Pony a commanding lead of 3.5-0 early in the first chukker. Geoff Richards scored twice for Boca Polo, closing the gap to within one and a half goals before the horn sounded. In the second chukker, Boca Polo kept Stone Pony scoreless and a third goal by Richards moved Boca Polo to within a half goal deficit at 3.5-3.
The second half was evenly matched as each team scored one goal in each chukker. David Greenhill scored first in the third chukker for Stone Pony increasing their lead 4.5-3. Peter Nathanial then gave Boca Polo credit to bring them back to within a half goal at 4.5-4. In the final chukker, Greenhill scored again for Stone Pony giving them a substantial cushion. The goal scored by Boca Polo’s Jeff Blake did nothing to stonewall Stone Pony’s victory with a final score of 5.5-5.

Boca Polo                      Stone Pony
Peter Nathanial A             David Greenhill B
Geoff Richards A              Dennis Fitzpatrick A
Jeff Blake 6                     Carlos Baez 2
Joey Casey 4                   John Gobin 4
Kings Hill Prevails 5-2 Over TuffRider In 6-Goal Final
On Saturday, Jeff Sopik led Kings Hill to a decisive victory over TuffRider in the 3-6-goal league 5-2, notching four out of five goals. Sopik scored in each chukker, including the first and lasts goals of the game, which earned him the MVP title.

Jeff Sopik
In addition to Sopik’s score, Peter Nathanial racked up one for TuffRider to tie the first chukker at one-all. TuffRider did not score again until the final chukker. In the meantime, Sopik scored in the second, third and fourth chukkers for Kings Hill. Chip McKenney added to the tally for Kings Hill in the third, so going into the final chukker, they led the match by a commanding 4-1.
In the fourth chukker, Timmy Sharma gave TuffRider one more mark on the scoreboard, yet Sopik was not through, scoring one more time for Kings Hill leading his team to championship row 5-2.
Kings Hill                     TuffRider
Chip McKenney A           Bob Painter A
Jeff Sopik B                   Peter Nathanial A
Geoff Richards A            Timmy Sharma 1
Jeff Blake 6                    Brad Blake 4

Timmy Sharma and Jeff Blake
Precise Property, Inc. Wins 6-Goal Consolation Match In Overtime 4-3 Against Greenhill Winery
The 3-6-goal consolation match on Saturday afternoon was the most exciting of the weekend. Precise Property, Inc. and Greenhill Winery battled it out until 15-year-old Clark Mayer scored in sudden death overtime to give Precise Property the consolation title over Greenhill Winery 4-3.
In the first chukker, Sokol started the polo ball rolling for Precise Property, Inc. with the first goal and team patron David Greenhill tied up the match scoring the only goal for Greenhill Winery until the final chukker.
Both teams failed to send any through the posts in the second chukker, however, the third showed a lot more action. Precise Property, Inc. rallied with another goal by Sokol and the first by Mayer to propel them into a 3-1 lead. In the final chukker, Precise Property, Inc. lost their momentum, while Greenhill Winery gained. Greenhill scored again and a goal by Rebekah Pizana sent the match into overtime 3-3.
The consolation was anyone’s to claim in overtime. In the end, Mayer found enough real estate to score again for Precise Property, Inc. clinching the title 4-3.

Precise Property, Inc.                    Greenhill Winery
Bruce Schreiber B                             Rebekah Pizana B
Adam Sokol A                                   David Greenhill B
Clark Mayer B                                   Dennis Fitzpatrick A
Joey Casey 4                                    John Gobin 4

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