After a two days break, the Queen´s Cup semifinals are ready to kick off with two balanced and intense matches, and which results are difficult to predict.

The opening game will see La Indiana and Murus Sanctus at 12pm in Guards. Michael Bickford´s team had the opportunity to rest one entire week as its last match was on wednseday. They were runners up in 2016 edition and have turned into one of the most powerful organizations, with 3 very confident pros. Murus Sanctus comes from two victories in a row (against King Power and Talandracas) and with an impressive growth in the game. Well mounted, solids as team and ready to give battle.

The next semifinal will face RH Polo and El Remanso at 4pm. RH Polo, same as La Indiana, arrives fresh after a break of one week. As Ben Soleimani said, Adolfo Cambiaso, in his first season with RH, has transmited confidence and has brought what´s necessary to make the team a winner, as he usually does. El Remanso was one of the more solids teams of this Queen´s Cup, with 4 players well balanced and a James Harper that turned into the key player. The organization grew up, the level of the horses is very good, definitely they have chances to obtain a ticket to the final.

Regarding the subsidiary semifinals, two games will be held on Thursday 15th at Coworth Park. Sommelier vs Talandracas and King Power Foxes vs Monterosso, both matches at 3pm.

The semifinals will take place on Wednseday 14th and will be streamed LIVE on PoloLine.Tv produced by PoloCam Tv.

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