All set for the Cote d’Azur Cup

The Cote d’Azur Cup was officially presented on Wednesday at Polo Club de Saint Tropez. The tournament will see a total of 12 teams in participation divided in two categories. For a fourth consecutive year, the club of the French Riviera will host 18-goal cups during August. The action will start on Thursday August 2nd and will come to an end on Sunday, August 12th.




Las Plantas: Peter Kis 0, Tete Fanelli 4, Matias Nigoul 4, Gonzalo Pieres 10. Total: 18.

La Bien Mirada: Fabio Meier 1, Pato Bolanteiro 4, Pedro Fernandez Lllorente 5, Frankie Menéndez 7. Total: 17.

Amanara: Nicky Sen 0, Gonzalo Bernal 3, Agustin Garcia Grossi 7, Santiago Chavanne 7. Total: 17.

Chateau Dáulne: Alexis Pouille de Balkany 2, Nacho Kennedy 4, Sebastian Harriott 6, Nito Uranga 6. Total: 18.

Sagax: Luc Hardy 0, Marcos Harriott 3, Esteban Panelo 4, Polito Pieres 9. Total: 16.

BP Polo: Beh Chun Chuan 1, Garvey Beh 3, Joevy Beh 3, Nico Pieres 9. Total: 16.



Battistoni: Alessandro Barnaba -1, Pierre Jauretche 2, Ignacio Garrahan 3, Pablo Jauretche 6. Total: 10.

Berlinosos: Clarisa Marggraf 0, Nico Wollenberg 0, Manuel Elizalde 5, Jota Chavanne 5. Total: 10.

Dark Ice: Hellen Goddard-Watts -1, Emmy Goddard-Watts -1, Santiago Zuiaurre 5, Juan Martin Garcia Laborde 5. Total: 10.

La Magdeleine: Alexandre Garese -1, Lucas Nottin 2, Thibault Guillemin 4, Tomás Ruiz Guiñazú 5. Total: 10.

St Tropez Polo Team: Corinne Schuler 0, Cali Farinati 5, TBA, TBA. Total: 10.

Los Nocheros: Sebastian Schneberger 1, Niklas Steinle 1, Max Bosch 3, Valentín Novillo Astrada 5. Total: 10.


The Cote d’Azur Cup will kick off on Thursday:

10am, 10-Goal Category: Dark Ice vs St Tropez Polo Team


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