MATTHEW PHILIP PERRY CAME OUT AS THE STAR PLAYER OF TODAY’S FINAL MATCH OF BARODA CUP 2018 The finals of Baroda Cup 2018 had Rajnigandha Achievers and Aravali Polo in competition where Sep Ravindra Mang (-2), Mr. Pranav Kapur (+2), Mr. Salim Azmi (+3), and Mr. Matthew Philip Perry (+6) played for Rajnigandha Achievers, while Aravali Polo had Mr. Hurr Ali (-2), Sawai Padmanabh Singh (+3), Mr. Angad Kalaan (+3) and Mr. Manuel F Llorente (+6) The match started with Rajnigandha Achievers getting a lead of 0.5.

Delhi polo season-2018 , padmanabh Singh

As soon as the match begun, within no time Matthew Philip Perry tapped the ball and took it splendidly achieving the opening goal of the finals in favor of Rajnigandha Achievers. The fate of the game was very much decided with that attack. The next two goals too remained in favor of Rajnigandha Achievers where Matthew and Pranav Kapur stroke the ball, making the score 3.5-0. Even though Matthew missed two penalty shots in the first chukker but the team still managed to get hold a decent lead. The second chukker remained in favor of Aravali for some time as Angad dodged the ball among the opponent team to get the opening goal for Aravali Polo. This was soon followed by a penalty shot 40 of Manuel, the score board now read 2-3.5 bringing Aravali back into the game. But the joy was short lived as Salim Azmi strikes another penalty goal 30 in favor of Rajndigandha Achievers. By the end of this chukker, the scoreboard now read 2-4.5 The third chiller saw a taut competition between both the teams, so much so that the scoreboard did not see any progress until the last two minutes of the match where Matthew defended Sawai Padmanabh Singh’s goal just from the mouth of the goal post and took it all the way to another side to get a goal in favor of his team.

Delhi polo season-2018 , padmanabh Singh

The audience and everyone watching were left in astonishment and Matthew literally was on a horse power speed. The score now was 2-5.5 with Rajnigandha in lead. The last chukker of the match had again Matthew Perry in action where he scored two goals back to back. The scores were secure enough that they could be beaten by the opponent team. Still keeping up the spirit of the game, both the teams battled till the last minute where Manuel scored the last goal of the match. The final score thus was 3-7.5 The Most Valuable Player and Best Playing Pony where both presented to Matthew Philip Perry and his pony respectively.

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