The USPA is thrilled to unveil Club Profiles, the newest feature of the website! The USPA Communications Department has been developing a club profile template over the past year and it will now be available for all Active and Affiliate Member Clubs.

The USPA understands that membership is grown from the grassroots and it is our responsibility to connect people who are interested in the sport directly with clubs. receives thousands of daily visitors and the goal is to leverage this traffic to bring more exposure to clubs nationwide and internationally. Club profiles provide an equal opportunity for clubs to showcase what they have to offer, while at the same time branding them with best practices in mind.

Club Profiles can be found in the “Association” section of the website under the “Clubs” landing page. Users can also easily navigate from the “Learn to Play” page (linked in the footer throughout the website), as well as the tournament calendar.

Find A Club

On the main “Find A Club” page, users have the ability to search clubs based on location (zip code or city and state) and navigate to profiles. Unlike the older version of the club map, visitors can now intuitively move around the country and see all Member Clubs as they scroll. Plus, there is the added feature to search by All Clubs, Interscholastic Clubs and Intercollegiate Clubs.

Each Club Profile is customized with the following:

-A unique image header
-Club logo
-Physical address with “View Map” that links directly to Google Maps for quick directions
-Phone number, which is enabled on mobile for one-click calling
-Linked website address
-Linked social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) -Written introduction of the club, submitted by the club and edited by the USPA
-12-15 club features drawn directly from the USPA database, including delegate and club manager contact information
-Certified Polo Instructors affiliated with the club, in order to highlight those individuals in our Association taking advantage of raising the bar for polo instruction
-Club Hosted Tournaments from 2016 to present, which serve as an archive with tournament results, individual games and links to tournament detail pages
-Designated section for “Meet the Club” featured article, if applicable
-Section for videos, such as a club video and/or livestreamed games
-Photo gallery
-Recent news articles

club profile

As an Active or Affiliate Member Club each club’s profile will automatically appear on the website. The majority of information will be compiled from our internal database, but additional information is required from clubs. Club Delegates and managers, if your club has not already submitted material, please click on the link below to fill out a JotForm with the remaining information needed to build out your club’s profile.

If you have any questions, concerns, or would like to opt out of the Club Profile please do not hesitate to contact Club Marketing Coordinator Cristina Fernandez at

We look forward to working with you to make the most of this new resource!

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