Women’s Argentine Open: Alegría HPA 1875 take third place

The II Women’s Argentine Polo Open resumed on Monday on Palermo’s number two ground, with the where Alegría HPA 1875 and Santa María de Lobos battled it our for third place. In the end, Alegría HPA 1875 took the 10-4 win.

Four teams up 32 goals (ladies handicap) are competing this year. The final is scheduled for Saturday, December 15th,  at Palermo, and will be played before the men’s final.



Alegría HPA 1875: Annabel McNaught-Davis 6 (1 goal), Emma Tomlinson Wood 5 (3, 2 penalties), Tamara Fox 7 (4, 2 penalties), Lottie Lamacraft 6 (2). Total: 24.

Santa María de Lobos: Dawn Laurel Jones 6 (3 penalties), Paige McCabe 6, Tiva Gross 6, Courtney Asdourian 6 (1). Total: 24.

Score Alegría HPA 1875: 2-0, 3-1, 4-2, 6-3, 7-4, 10-4.

Umpires: Martín Aguerre and José I. Araya.

Referee: Jason Dixon.


The Women’s Argentine Open concludes on Saturday:

1pm, Palermo’s Field 2: El Overo Z7 UAE vs La Dolfina Brava

El Overo Z7 UAE: Clara Cassino 7, Hazel Jackson-Gaona 9, Lía Salvo 9, Sarah Wiseman 7. Total: 32.

La Dolfina Brava: Mía Cambiaso 6, Milagros Fernández Araujo 7, Nina Clarkin 10, Candelaria Fernández Araujo 8. Total: 31.


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