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a. Goals awarded under penalties and by handicap shall count as goals scored. b. The team handicap is determined by totaling the individual handicaps (as assigned by the USPA) of the team members. In events with an upper handicap limit above 6 goals, individual handicaps of -0.5 goals, 0.5 goals, or 1.5 goals shall be rounded down to -1 goal, 0 goals or 1 goal respectively when calculating the team handicap. 
c. The number of goals awarded by handicap is determined by taking the difference between the team handicaps on one team and the team handicaps of the other team and multiplying one-sixth of that difference times the number of periods (excluding overtime periods) in the game in question. 
d. Unless otherwise stated in the USPA Tournament Conditions whether or not a game shall be played on a handicap basis or on the flat shall be determined by the Host Tournament Committee before the event. 
e. In the event of a game played on a handicap basis, any handicap fraction shall be recorded as one-half goal. The one-half goal shall be used as a tie breaker and included in any net or gross goal calculations.

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