Silver Cup: Ghantoot and UAE join Habtoor and Desert Palm in Semifinals

The Silver Cup 2019 continued on Tuesday and on its fourth day saw Abu Dhabi Polo play against Ghantoot Polo team in the first match and Dubai Wolves against UAE Polo in the second one. Abu Dhabi started the game slowly with Ghantoot to an early lead by the latter with a fantastic solo performance from Martin Donovan assisted well all over the field by Cesar Crespo and Juan Gris Zavaleta. Abu Dhabi slowly clawed their way back into the game with some amazingly struck penalties by Alfredo Cappella. Towards the end of the last chukker, Abu Dhabi team got within 1 goal of Ghantoot and Cappella had a chance to tie it up before narrowly putting the ball wide. Ghantoot raced to the other end and hit the post with a frantic final minute as they held on to win and booked their place into the semifinals.


The second match had Dubai Wolves up for a tough game against one of the strongest teams to play this season: UAE Polo team. The first chukka confirmed this as UAE raced to a 4-0 lead with quick goals from Tomas Panelo and Alejandro Muzzio. The first goal of the game for Dubai Wolves eventually came off the stick of Cacu Araya despite an attempt to stop it from Muzzio. Goals from Panelo and Matias Benoit along with top scoring delivered by Muzzio extended the lead to 10-2. A flurry of late goals from Cacu and Manuel Crespo left finished the game with 11 goals to 5 in favor of UAE Polo team. The UAE Polo team will play Ghantoot in their final game with both teams through to the semifinals.



Ghantoot: Yousef Bin Dismal 0 (1 goal), César Crespo 4 (3), Juan Gris Zavaleta 8 (4), Martín Donovan 6 (3). Total: 18.

Abu Dhabi: Faris Al Yabhouni 0, Guy Gibrat 5 (2 goals), Alfredo Cappella 9 (7), Santiago Gómez Romero 4 (1). Total: 18.

Score Ghantoot: 2-1, 5-2, 7-4, 9-8, 11-10.



UAE Polo: HH Sheikah Maitha 0 (2 goals), Matías Benoit 6 (1), Tomás Panelo 4 (3), Ale Muzzio 8 (5). Total: 18.

Wolves: Habtoor Al Habtoor 1 (1 goal), Justo Cuitiño 3, Cacu Araya 7 (2), Manuel Crespo 7 (2). Total: 17.

Score UAE Polo: 4-0, 5-0, 8-1, 10-3, 11-5.


The Silver Cup will continue on Thursday:

2pm: Desert Palm Polo vs Habtoor Polo

4pm: Mahra Polo vs Zedan Polo




Dubai Polo Gold Cup Series:

-Silver Cup (18-goal): January 25 – February 8.

-Polo Masters Cup (10-goal): February 10-15.

-Julius Baer Gold Cup (18-goal): February 18 – March 8.

-Dubai Challenge Cup (18-goal): March 15-30.

-Dubai Cup (8-goal): April 2-12.


DUBAI SILVER CUP: Fixture & Teams



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