Team of the hour La Natividad shine on Sunday in Palermo

The 126th Argentine Open, the most important polo tournament in the world, resumed on Sunday in Palermo. For a third year in a row, ten teams are competing for the prestigious title. Defending champions La Dolfina will play for their seventh consecutive championship.

It’s hard to remember the last time two debutants made such an impact as today. Some people on Sunday in Palermo were talking about the Argentine Open of 1983 when twins Horacio and Gonzalo Heguy kicked off their glorious path in Palermo with Chapaleufú beating defending champions Santa Ana. But what brothers Barto and Camilo Castagnola did on Sunday will be hard to forget. Because the impudence they showed in the match where La Natividad beat La Albertina Abu Dhabi led to know that they are here to stay.

Next, Las Monjitas, runner-up in 2018, defeated a hard-to-beat Cría Yatay on a good match. Nevertheless, the great talent and the good teamwork they had during some moments were enough for the final result of the game.


La Natividad: Camilo Castagnola 6 (6 goals), Matías Torres Zavaleta 7 (4), Bartolomé Castagnola 7 (3), Nachi du Plessis 8. Total: 28.

La Albertina Abu Dhabi: Toro Ruiz 6 (1 goal), Francisco Elizalde 8 (2), Cubi Toccalino 8 (2), Alfredo Cappella Barabucci 8 (2, 1 corner). Total: 30.

Score La Natividad: 2-1, 4-1, 5-2, 7-2, 10-3, 11-4, 11-6, 13-7.

Umpires: Matías Baibiene and Martín Pascual.               Third man: Gonzalo López Vargas.

Best Polo Argentino of the match: Dolfina Aventura (Dolfina Ácido x Dolfina Buenaventura). Played by Camilo Castagnola.

Nomination 1: Chalo Mujer Amada (Chalo Compinche x Chalo Easy Love). Played by Barto Castagnola.

Nomination 2: Chalo Bandera (Machitos Latino x Gama). Played by Camilo Castagnola.


Las Monjitas: Facundo Sola 9 (5 goals), Hilario Ulloa 10 (3), Sapo Caset 10 (8, 5 penalties), Santiago Toccalino 9 (1). Total: 38.

Cría Yatay: Lerín Zubiaurre 8 (2 goals), Magoo Laprida 8 (2), Joaquín Pittaluga 8 (3, 1 penalty), Iñaki Laprida 8 (2, 1 penalty). Total: 32.

Score Las Monjitas: 3-1, 6-1, 7-3, 8-5, 10-6, 12-7, 13-8, 17-9.

Umpires: Martín Aguerre and Guillermo Villanueva.           Third man: José I. Araya.

Best Polo Argentino of the match: Cachiyuyo Sportiva (Sportivo x Gete Cartajena). Played by Facundo Sola.

Nomination 1: Elovero Fisura (Beautiful Bob x Soy La Figurita). Played by Hilario Ulloa.

Nomination 2: Dolfi Educada (Durazno x Cautiva). Played by Sapo Caset.

The Argentine Open will continue next Saturday:

2pm: La Irenita vs La Dolfina

4:30pm: La Dolfina Polo Ranch vs La Ensenada

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