Adolfo Cambiaso sued an American company for cloning his polo horses

Adolfo Cambiaso initiated the lawsuit in the courts of Florida, United States

Last Tuesday the Argentine polo player Adolfo Cambiaso Launched a lawsuit against a Texan oil tanker who is described in the filing as an “amateur” geneticist who is accused of stealing genetic material from his polo horses and producing and selling clones without authorization.

At the same time that the lawsuit was filed Cambiaso plays the most important polo tournament in the world. La Dolfina, the 40-goal handicap team led by Cambiaso, lost to Murus Sanctus after 34 matches and eight years without defeat at the Palermo Open. Next Saturday it will be known, according to various results, whether La Dolfina -who won seven championships in a row- reaches the final in Palermo or not, as has happened for years.

One of Cambiaso’s main businesses is the cloning of its polo horses. Cambiaso and his wife’s company Maria Vazquez , La Dolfina SA, had signed an initial agreement with Alan Meeker– the defendant – and his company Crestview Farms in 2009 to clone some of the Argentine polo horses.

In the lawsuit filed in the West Palm Beach division of the Southern District of Florida courts, Cambiaso accused Meeker of having exceeded the terms of the agreement, which grants limited license rights to the company and not full ownership of the original genetic material. of the horses.

According to the lawsuit, Meeker told La Dolfina that he sold three cloned horses to a third party last November, arguing that the 2009 contract gave his company the right to do so and that a subsequent agreement – sealed in 2019 – it was different as a different company had been signed by Crestview Genetics. In addition, the lawsuit noted that there is a possibility that Meeker will sell more genetic material from Cambiaso’s horses outside the jurisdiction of Florida and even outside the United States.Advertisementabout:blank

The lawsuit was filed in Florida because the company La Dolfina LLC – related to Argentina’s La Dolfina SA – is based in Palm Beach, Cambiaso has a domicile and plays polo professionally in Wellington, in that county and the defendant has offices in that same place.

In the lawsuit, the Argentine polo player requests that all the genetic material of his horses be seized in the hands of the American company to avoid new clones. In the lawsuit, the Argentine polo player requests that all the genetic material of his horses be seized in the hands of the American company to avoid new clones.

“The unauthorized cloning of the La Dolfina and Cambiaso horses and the international sale of the clones threatens to irreparably damage La Dolfina and Cambiaso to compete successfully at the highest levels of polo, as well as to dilute and irreparably distribute the unique and irreplaceable genetic material found in the lineages of La Dolfina polo horses. Let it be clear, these damages cannot be repaired with subsequent financial compensation, “says the lawsuit he agreed to. ..

The lawsuit not only seeks to stop the breach of the contract but also seeks that a court order be issued to seize all the genetic material of Cambiaso’s horses to prevent further cloning by Meeker. The lawsuit recalls that Cambiaso decided to start cloning horses after having to sacrifice one of his favorites to Aiken Cura. It was in 2006 when he kept cells from that horse that started the history of cloning that led him to sign an agreement with Meeks. In the lawsuit Cambiaso recalls that Meeks and its associated companies have already been sued for having cloned the Storm Cat racehorse without authorization from the owners of the genetic material.

The presentation of the best polo player in the world – represented by the Chapman Law Group – was made a week after Crestview Farms sued Cambiaso and La Dolfina in the courts of the Northern District of Texas, also for the terms of the agreement signed in 2009 .

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