The Necessary Accessory – Luxury Sunshade

Bimini-me was born out of an obsession for a sun-kissed life. Having grown up on the ocean, co-founders Lani Luzza and Brynne Peck enjoyed an active life and the Bimini-me luxury sunshade was a fun and natural solution to protect from the harmful rays and glare; allowing the fullest enjoyment of the sun. Dreamed and designed by artists on a mission to equip everyone with Sol-Protection, the company was formed with a mission to “accessorize and protect.”

The Bimini-me sunshade is a modernized, masculinized parasol, styled to accommodate an active lifestyle for both men and women. A durable, hand-crafted, unisex design suits the sun-conscious individual with stylish sophistication being a key priority. We’ve combined design innovations with a sense of timeless fashion and luxury. The original design, which is nautically inspired, is made with UPF50 sailcloth and adorned with hardware reflective of a yacht. Bimini-me is accompanied with a hands-free backpack also made of sailcloth and sold in a beautiful keepsake box.

Most stylishly important, the equestrian-inspired sunshade will debut this season at the 2020 GAUNTLET OF POLO™. Whether on the water, at the courts or stomping divots, this skin-saving sunshade for the fashion conscious is a must-have and can be found at the USPA Retail Shop during the GAUNTLET OF POLO™ this season. 

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