Chantilly – French Open

A Dream Final

It will be the Grand Final that everyone was dreaming of: Les Lions Panarea VS Talandracas – the highly expected revenge of the first week’s match. The least we can say is that both teams well earned their spots for the final – they had to fight hard against Marquard Media and Amanara. Once again: great polo!

Only by reading the score progress could you realize the intensity of the two battles: a tiny difference of one goal at the end of the two encounters. The spectators will be kept in suspense until the very end!

On the N°1 ground Marquard Media could be the team that offered the most beautiful resistance against the invincible Lions Panarea, if we don’t count the one that they played against Talandracas.

On the Ground of Honor, it was during the very last second that Jeta Castagnola secured the victory – sending his team to the Final where he will meet with his brother Barto: “ The game ended as we hoped, even if it was tough as I scored during the last 10 seconds. Against my big brother, it’ll be a very special Final. The most important thing for us is to enjoy the game. Anyway, this tournament is spectacular with extraordinary grounds allowing us to canter without speed limit”. In other words, Jeta just announced that there will be a great show to admire on Sunday from 3h00 pm!

Progress of the semi-finals :

Talandracas: 3/3 – 6/5 – 6/6 – 9/8 and 11/10

The Panarea Lions: 2/2 – 4/4 – 7/4 – 7/7 and 9/8

When it comes to the ladies, the Final will be played between Maison Décalé with Caroline Anier, against DS Automobile DS Store St Maximin with the Argentine Lia Salvo. Both teams won their matches today. Final on Sunday at 11h00 am.

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