To earn a Varsity Letter, participants must meet all USPA eligibility requirements, play in at least four Intercollegiate/Interscholastic games, log a minimum of 100 hours riding/practicing and compete in an interscholastic tournament.

Summer Kneece – Aiken (Aiken, South Carolina)

Sophie Grant* – Aiken (Aiken, South Carolina)

Robyn Leitner – Aiken (Aiken, South Carolina)

Reagan Leitner – Aiken (Aiken, South Carolina)

Amy Kim** – Battlefield (Gainesville, Virginia)

David James Miller – Battlefield (Gainesville, Virginia)

Harrison Thomas** – Battlefield (Gainesville, Virginia)

Brynn Roberts – Boston (Georgetown, Massachusetts)

Julia Schaefer – Boston (Georgetown, Massachusetts)

Rehan Kumble – Boston (Georgetown, Massachusetts)

Ariadne Dogani* – Boston (Georgetown, Massachusetts)

Grace Thames – Boston (Georgetown, Massachusetts)

Amar Anand – Boston (Georgetown, Massachusetts)

Maria Sophia Piper – Boston (Georgetown, Massachusetts)

Sabrina McLennon** – Buffalo (Wainfleet, Ontario, Canada)

Brona Mayne* – Buffalo (Wainfleet, Ontario, Canada)

Julia Northcott – Buffalo (Wainfleet, Ontario, Canada)

Kaitlyn Gaulin – Buffalo (Wainfleet, Ontario, Canada)

Tori Rodman – Bluewater Creek (Rogersville, Alabama)

Ford Middendorf* – Commonwealth (Paris, Kentucky)

Ian Kosky – Culver (Culver, Indiana)

Woods Kemmler – Culver (Culver, Indiana)

Allyssa Jeanne Morgan – Franklin (Franklin, Tennessee)

Jacob Wallace* – Franklin (Franklin, Tennessee)

Zachary Wallace** – Franklin (Franklin, Tennessee)

Caroline Mooney** – Franklin (Franklin, Tennessee)

Elizabeth R. Leudesdorff** – Gardnertown (Newburgh, New York)

Vlad Tarashansky** – Gardnertown (Newburgh, New York)

Jonathan Wallace* – Gardnertown (Newburgh, New York)

Mary James Duncan – Gardnertown (Newburgh, New York)

Lindsey Morris – Garrison Forest School (Owings Mills, Maryland)

Kelsey Melchert – Hillside (Richfield, Wisconsin)

Taylor Nackers* – Hillside (Richfield, Wisconsin)

Gabrielle De Gail* – Hillside (Richfield, Wisconsin)

Sofia Rey Ward – Hillside (Richfield, Wisconsin)

Ethan Bankhead** – Lakeside (Lakeside, California)

David Franklin Kral*** – Lakeside (Lakeside, California)

Kylie Ann Kufahl – Lakeside (Lakeside, California)

Joaquin Martin Peres** – Lakeside (Lakeside, California)

Kaela Aaliyah Prescott – Lancaster WTR (Lititz, Pennsylvania)

Grace Fleischmann* – Maryland (Freeland, Maryland)

Catie Stueck** – Maryland (Freeland, Maryland)

Kevin Horton – Maryland (Freeland, Maryland)

Madison Jordan – Maryland (Freeland, Maryland)

Maya Miller** – Maui (Makawao, Hawaii)

Alana Benz** – Maui (Makawao, Hawaii)

Kaiana Holland* – Maui (Makawao, Hawaii)

Sunny Diller** – Maui (Makawao, Hawaii)

Sierra Goff* – Mountain View (Charles Town, West Virginia)

Madelyn Amelia Shaw* – Mountain View (Charles Town, West Virginia)

Willow Longerbeam* – Mountain View (Charles Town, West Virginia)

James Grayken** – Myopia (South Hamilton, Massachusetts)

Shane Metternick* – Myopia (South Hamilton, Massachusetts)

Augustus J. Grotnik* – Myopia (South Hamilton, Massachusetts)

Hannah Stowe – Newport (Newport Beach, California)

Catherine Reed – Newport (Newport Beach, California)

Ella Horton – Orange County (Silverado, California)

Remington Glasgow* – Poway (Poway, California)

Sydney Morris* – Poway (Poway, California)

Marisa Carelli – Poway (Poway, California)

Hannah Stock* – Poway (Poway, California)

Jasmine Lu* – Poway (Poway, California)

Claire D. Kennedy** – South Bay (Gilroy, California)

Ajay Moturi* – South Bay (Gilroy, California)

Natalie Clark** – South Bay (Gilroy, California)

Joscelin Graciana Gallegos – St. Louis (St. Louis, Missouri)

Sarah M. Lynch* – West Shore (Carlisle, Pennsylvania)

Lucy Steele – West Shore (Carlisle, Pennsylvania)

Luke Johnson Howe – Yale (Bethany, Connecticut)

Christopher Veitch* – Yale (Bethany, Connecticut)

Eduardo Palacios-Garcia – Yale (Bethany, Connecticut)

*Denotes number of previously awarded Varsity Letters.

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