Teams Palmare, Rousseau triumph at 2020 Palmare family polo

PALMARIUM continued its loyal support of family polo 2020 in Jamaica with their ‘Palmare Private Brokerage – Your Personal Real Estate Advisor’ division at St Ann Polo Club, Drax Hall, recently.

The Palmare 2020 Family Tournament started out with the Palmare Toby’s Resort team playing against the Chukka team for the Polo Players Trophy.

Team Palmare consisted of Paul Chin and his son Conrad along with Lesley Fong-Yee and Michele Subaran, while Team Chukka consisted of John Byles and his son Zachary and young guns Freddie Farquharson and Adam Laing.

Team Palmare came out firing as Paul Chin put the first goal on the board followed by one from Lesley in the first chukka, but Zack replied with a brilliant cut shot from the boards to put Team Chukka on the scorecard.

The game showcased fast, back and forth polo as both teams attacked. Strong defence by Team Palmare held Team Chukka scoreless in the second and third chukkas while Team Palmare added to their score with goals put in by Conrad and Michele, giving them a 4-1 lead going into the last chukka.

However, Team Chukka came out with the young guns blazing as Freddie converted two penalties to bring them to within a goal and they were still attacking when the final bell went, allowing Team Palmare to hold on to the 4-3 victory and win the Polo Player in Action Trophy. Paul Chin was nominated MVP of the match.

The second game featured the Palmarium team of Shane, his brother Kurt Chin, Brandon Richards and young Cameron Wates versus the Rousseau team with Mitta Rousseau, his son Jacob, Jonathon Dougall and young professional Luke Clarke playing for the coveted Mare and Foal Trophy.

Team Palmarium was a bit disorganised in the first chukka but Team Rousseau presented as a well-oiled machine, with Luke scoring twice to take the early lead. Shane found his form in the second chukka but was only able to score once as the teams traded goals.

Mitta scored his first for the day but Kurt cut their lead back to one towards the end of the chukka. Team Palmarium went quiet again in the third and Mitta found his way through their defence to score twice.

Jonathon and Jacob worked hard in the midfield creating opportunities throughout the match, and Luke backed them up with another goal to increase their lead to 6-2 going into the final chukka.

Cameron was replaced by Zac on Team Palmarium for the last chukka as he’d taken a blow to the ribs and they came out firing again. Shane scored early but they were unable to capitalise on their opportunities, while Team Rousseau continued with their solid teamwork as Luke increased their lead. Towards the end of the game Zac put in a lovely goal for Team Palmarium, but it was too little too late. Team Rousseau took home the lovely Mare & Foal Bronze 7-4. The horse Mitta scored two goals on in the third chukka, Annabell was Best Playing Pony, and Jacob Rousseau was adjudged Most Valuable Player.

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