All USPA Tournament Applications must be submitted electronically, through the tournament database. Once logged into the Member Portal and viewing one’s profile, Club Delegates or Delegate appointed designee can access the database by clicking on the tab titled “Tourn Data” You will then be given the option to select “Tournament Application Form” or “Roster/Results Entry.”

Online applications for National Tournaments, Sanctioned Tournaments and Circuit Tournaments are only accessible to clubs that are in good standing with the USPA. Club dues must be paid for the current year and club insurance must be up to date.

Using the drop-down options, select the type of tournament you would like to host and fill in all fields as they apply to your tournament. 

Once an application is submitted, it will automatically be sent out for approvals and processing. The Club Delegate will be notified via email when the application is approved or denied. If the application is approved, Delegates will be sent an approval email with a link prompting them to submit team rosters. Umpires LLC will also be notified if the use of professional umpires was requested on the application.


If you have any questions regarding tournaments, please contact Tournament Coordinator, Kaila Dowd at tournaments@uspolo.org.

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