“Expo Dubai 2020” Polo Cup kicks off today

Today, the Al Habtoor Polo and Equestrian Club and Resort will witness the “Expo Dubai 2020” Polo Cup, with the participation of three teams bearing names inspired by “Expo 2020”, namely Sustainability, Mobility and Opportunity (Opti, Aleph and Terra). The tape of today’s matches will be cut, at half past three, with the Alif and Tira team meeting, represented by Khaled Al-Omran, Haider Bangash, Raja Abu Al-Jebin and Riardo Garros, and his counterpart Tira, represented by Rashid bin Dari, Muhammad bin Dari, Khaled bin Dari and Adrian Labest.

As for the second match, it will be held at four in the afternoon, and combines between the Aleef team led by Khaled Al-Omran and the Opti team led by Muhammad Al Habtoor, and at the capacity of 16:40 the third match will be played between the Opti team and the Terra team. The audience will be on a date with the treasure hunt at 4:30 pm in the match stadium after the end of the Alif and Opti team meeting.

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