Ylvisaker Cup ready for action in Palm Beach

The 18-goal Ylvisaker Cup is set to kick off on Wednesday, January 20, at International Polo Club Palm Beach. The tournament will see four teams compete.

The Ylvisaker Cup, established in 2003 as a tribute to William T. “Bill” Ylvisaker, a key player in the development of polo in Florida, is the penultimate tournament before the start of the 22-goal Gauntlet of Polo, which includes the CV Whitney Cup, USPA Gold Cup, and US Open.

Beverly Polo and Aspen will go head to head in the first match of the tournament on Wednesday, at 3pm.

The finals of the Ylvisaker Cup are set for Sunday, February 7.


Aspen: Gonzalo de la Fuente 1, Lucas James 8, Tomas Pieres 6, Stewart Armstrong 3. Total: 18.

Beverly Polo: Bill Ballhaus 0, Lucas Diaz Alberdi 6, Tolito Fernández Ocampo 6, Hilario Figueras 4. Total: 16.

Palm Beach Equine: Costi Caset 5, Robbie Bilbao 5, Gringo Colombres 8, Scott Swerdlin 0. Total: 18.

Tamera: Alejandro Poma 1, Lucas Escobar 3, Diego Cavanagh 9, Luis Escobar 5. Total: 18.


Wednesday 20, 3pm:  Beverly Polo vs. Aspen

Thursday 21, 3pm:  Tamera vs. Palm Beach Equine

Sunday 24, 3pm:  Aspen vs. Palm Beach Equine

Tuesday 26, 3pm:  Beverly Polo vs. Tamera

Saturday 30, 3pm:  Beverly Polo vs. Palm Beach Equine

Sunday 31, 3pm:  Aspen vs. Tamera

Wednesday, 3pm: Mini Semifinal- Second vs. Third

Sunday 7 – FINALS

10am  Ylvisaker Subsidiary Cup: Fourth vs. Loser mini-semi

3pm  Ylvisaker Cup Final: First placed team vs. Winner of mini semifinal

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