Jockey Club Open – Final


The No. 1 field of the Jockey Club, the final
of the Jockey Club Open saw Scone beat Monterosso 16 -10. 

Monterosso scored first but Scone managed to even up quickly. The game was close until the 4th when Scone had a flurry of goals and ended the chukker at 8 to 3. In the remaining periods Monterrosso, would score but the young boys would counter with goals of their own.
During the game the teamwork achieved by the Castagnola-Cambiaso tandem was wonderful to watch: quick changes of direction, pinpoint passing and very little dribbling of the ball. This left the opposition flatfooted and out of the play. Before the start of the tournament there was a lot speculation about the impact that the Castagnola brothers, Barto and Camilo would have playing with
their cousin Poroto, the results were impressive beating the 3 Pieres brothers in the semi-finals 15 to 10 and dominating 3 of the best players (Polito Pieres, Pablo McDonough and Juan Martin Nero) in the world in the final by 6 goals.

For Scone it was the first title in history of the tournament, as well as for David Paradice, Poroto Cambiaso and Camilo Castagnola. For
Barto Castagnola. It was the second time as he won in 2021 with La Ensenada.

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