Photo Report The Wrists And Fits Of The St. Moritz Snow-Polo Spectators

Watching the watches of the watchers.


Add horses to soccer and you have polo. Add snow and you have snow polo, add grand views and a bit of luck and you have snow polo in St. Moritz, Switzerland. Teams gather the best riders from around the world and face off across the frozen lake of St. Moritz for three days of horsemanship, fierce competition, and especially cold champagne. Glasses in hand, leaning into the wooden barrier as riders barrel past, the onlookers make for Olympic-level people watching, as well.

People playing snow polo

Snow Polo is a gentleman’s sport, qualified by never starting before the civil hour of 10AM. If you find yourself up early, or still up, you can catch the riders heading down on a toboggan run for a near-vertical 3/4 mile at speeds between 70 and 140 kph. For amateur riders, the challenge is to stay on the course through its deadly curves, while seasoned riders strive for improving finishing times by microseconds.

While the various branches of the British Armed Forces jet down the Cresta Run, a woman named Uschi Moos watches from the clubhouse with her 1 of 300 SMTC (that’s St. Moritz Tobogganing club) members-only watch. A central social figure at the SMTC she is also a veteran rider, and affectionately called “Moose” by fellow club members.

A person playing snow polo

Back on the frozen lake of St. Moritz, the Snow Polo Championship has boiled down to a final between Azerbaijan and Clinique La Prairie, but the brothers Laplacette of Azerbaijan dominate both the field and scoreboard. Finishing 5.5 points ahead, they take the championship. Zach Weiss presents the year’s MVP award Pasha De Cartier to Raul Laplacette, a gift from the Granzi Familly on behalf of the World Polo League.

A watch on a wrist

Lange 1 Time Zone ref. 116.021

A watch on a wrist

Patek Philippe Aquanaut 

A man in a striped blazer stands in the snow

Zach Weiss

A person with long fingernail and a wristwatch

Rolex Date with diamond bezel 

A person holding a camera and wearing a watch

Patek Philippe Calatrava

A person wearing a blue coat and a watch

Cartier Panthere Small W25022B9

The hands of a person wearing a fur coat and a watch on a red strap

265.8.08 Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso

A Rolex Precision watch on a wrist

Rolex Precision ref. 6694

A person in head to toe white clothing in the snow
A person in a blue coat in the snow
A person in a white fur coat leaning against a fence
A person in a fur coat in the snow
A Rolex Datejust on the wrist of a person in a fur coat

Rolex Datejust

A pair of people in green coats
Rolex Pepsi GMT- Master II watch on a wrist

Rolex “Pepsi” GMT-Master II 

A person in a fur coat in the snow
The Swiss flag in front of mountains
A person in a hat and glasses
A ring watch and signet ring

All photos, Robert Spangle

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