The Association is eager to include information in digital and print platforms from USPA Member Clubs about USPA tournaments including recaps, trophy and action photos. Submitting a tournament recap or photos to the USPA is a great way to raise awareness for your club and gain exposure. The newsletter, “This Week in Polo,” is received by over 5,000 members and the USPA social media following includes 45,000 fans on Instagram alone. Photos submitted may also appear in POLO magazine, on social media and the website. 

If interested in submitting a tournament recap, please adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Tournament must be USPA approved
  • All submissions are due by the end of day Friday before the scheduled Tuesday that you would like your story considered for inclusion
  • Articles should be submitted in a Word Doc
  • Please be sure to include the team rosters as well as the winning team, the MVP, the BPP, and the Sportsmanship Award recipient (if applicable
  • Articles should be concise, yet informative
    For a final recap include all pertinent information about the event, ideally two paragraphs describing first and second half action along with a photo of the final scoresheet. Include quotes from players and spectators, specifically from the winning team regarding strategy, MVP and details about the Best Playing Pony including chukkers played and best qualities on the field. Please note, we will edit the story for grammar and wording to make sure that it falls under AP Style and USPA guidelines.
  • High resolution (300dpi or more) trophy photos (Winners, MVP, BPP) and action shots with captions (including children, grooms and presenters). Photographer credit is mandatory.
©Josh Kizziar

©Josh Kizziar

If interested in submitting photos only, please adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Photos must be high-resolution (300dpi or more)
  • Photos must be png, jpg or jpeg formats (HEIC will not be accepted)
  • Photographer credit must be included
  • All riders must be wearing helmets in the photo(s)

For all submissions or for further information please contact Communications Coordinator Madelyn Blum at

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