Team BN in final of Gladiators Polo

ISLAMABAD: Team BN Polo qualified for the main final of the Islamabad Gladiators Polo Trophy 2022 after outsmarting Kalabagh by 12-4 in a match played here at the Islamabad Club Polo Ground on Friday.

Now the main final will be contested on Sunday and Team BN Polo will clash against Kalabagh/Shahtaj for the main title while the subsidiary final will be played Saturday between Team Asean and PAF/Jubilee Life Insurance at the Islamabad Club Polo Ground.

On Friday, the crucial match was played between Team BN Polo and Team Kalabagh, which proved a one-sided affair as the former dominated the entire match and didn’t allow their opponents to score more goals, thus winning the encounter with a good margin of 12-4.

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