130th. Argentine Polo Open: First six matchdates unveiled

The Argentine Association of polo (AAP) announced the six first matchdates of the much anticipated 130th. Argentine Polo Open, the most important tournament worldwide, that will take place at the Argentine Association of Polo Headquarters, in Pilar, and Palermo. The competition is due to start on Tuesday October 31, and will come to an end on Saturday December 2, with the most significant championship match of the year, at Palermo. As usual, the tournament will see ten teams up to 40 goals, in participation.

It is worth noticing that the two teams who emerged from the Qualification Tournament, La Esquina and El Overo Z7 UAE, will join the highest rated lineups, who already played the 130th. Hurlingham Open and the 83rd. Tortugas Open – the latter final between La Natividad and La Hache La Roca is due on Saturday October 28. In addition, the 2023 edition of the Argentine Open will bring the Heguys back to Palermo, through El Overo Z7 UAE’s Cruz, the son of the legendary Ruso, a four times winner of the Open with Indios Chapaleufu II.

The two first matchdates, Tuesday October 31 and Wednesday November 1, will be played in Pilar; the remaining of the tournament will take place at Palermo, from Saturday November 4 to the championship game.

The schedule is the following:

Tuesday October 31 (Pilar)

2pm: La Hache La Roca vs. La Esquina

4,30pm: Cría La Dolfina vs. La Hache Cría & Polo (Game 1)

Wednesday November 1 (Pilar)

2pm: Ellerstina vs. EL Overo Z7 UAE

4,30pm: La Ensenada vs. La Irenita Clinova (Game 2)

Saturday November 4 (Palermo)

2pm: Winner Game 1 vs. La Esquina

4,30pm: La Dolfina Saudi vs. Loser Game 1

Sunday November 5 (Palermo)

2pm: Winner Game 2 vs. El Overo Z7 UAE

4,30pm: La Natividad vs. Loser Game 2

Saturday November 11 (Palermo)

2pm: La Dolfina Saudi vs. La Esquina

4,30pm: La Hache La Roca vs. Winner Game 1

Sunday November 12 (Palermo)

2pm: La Natividad vs. El Overo Z7 UAE

4,30pm: Ellerstina vs. Winner Game 2

Cover photo: La Dolfina Saudi, winners of the 129th. Argentine Polo Open, by Matías Callejo.

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