USPA Gold Cup: Dutta Corp Show+ & La Elina set to play the quarter finals

Dutta Corp Show+ and La Elina are the two remaining teams who qualified to the quarter finals of the USPA Gold Cup, after their respective wins in the two last playoffs, that were played on Monday March 13. Therefore, both lineup will join Scone, Valiente, Park Place, Pilot, Shack Attack II and La Fe in the next stage of the second leg of the prestigious The Gauntlet of Polo, that is currently underway at the USPA-owned National Polo Center-Wellington, set in Wellington, Florida. The USPA Gold Cup sees thirteen teams up to 22 goals, in participation.

In the day’s opening match, Dutta Corp Show+ defeated Shack Attack 7-5. Later in the afternoon, La Elina claimed a narrow 13-12 win over Tamera, in a hard fought match that ended in extra chukka.

The quarter finals of the USPA Gold Cup are due on Friday March 17 and Saturday March 18.

The USPA Gold Cup was established in 1974, and was played at Oak Brook Polo Club, in Oak Brooks, Illinois, before moving to Milwaukee Polo Club, in Hartland, Wisconsin through 1975-1978. In 1979, it landed in Florida. Like the CV Whitney Cup, the USPA Gold Cup will be entirely played at the at the brand new USPA-owned National Polo Center-Wellington, set in Wellington, Florida.


  • PLAYOFF #3 


Dutta Corp/Show +: Timmy Dutta 4 (2 goals), Joaquin Avendaño 4, Tomas Garcia del Rio 8 (3), Nino Obregon 6 (2). Total: 22.

Shack Attack: Santino Magrini 4, Keko Magrini 5 (3 goals), Santi Toccalino 8 (1), Nachi Viana 5 (1). Total: 22.

Score Dutta Corp Show+: 2-0, 3-0, 4-0, 5-2, 5-3, 7-5.

Umpires: Martín Pascual & Steve Dalton.                   Third man: Kimo Huddleston.

  • PLAYOFF #4 

LA ELINA 13-12 TAMERA (extra chukka)

La Elina: Jared Zenni 6 (3 goals), Jeff Hall 6 (3), Matt Coppola 5 (5), Nico Escobar 5 (2). Total: 22.

Tamera: Alejandro Poma 1, Segundo Saravi 5, Diego Cavanagh 9 (10 goals), Pedrinho Zacharias 7 (2). Total: 22.

Score La Elina: 3-1, 5-4, 7-5, 9-1, 11-9, 12-12, 13-12.

Umpires: Julian Appleby & Héctor Galindo.              Third man:Ronnie Hayes.

The quarter finals of the USPA Gold Cup will be played through Friday March 17 and Saturday march 18, with the following order of play:  

Friday March 17:
10am: Pilot vs. Valiente
4pm: Shack Attack 2 vs Dutta Corp/Show +

Saturday March 18:
10am La Fe vs Scone
4pm Park Place vs. La Elina

The final of the USPA Gold Cup is set to be played on Sunday March 26.

USPA Gold Cup – Fixture & Teams

Cover photo by Agustina Fonda.

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