USPA Member Clubs are encouraged to apply for one or more of the prestigious national tournaments listed below that are available to be awarded for 2023.

  • Regional Classic-Western (Outdoor, 10-14 goal)
  • Regional Classic-Southeastern (Outdoor, 10-14 goal)
  • National Arena Chairman’s Cup (Arena, 9-12 goal)
  • National Sherman Memorial (Arena, 3-6 goal)
  • National Arena Bronze Cup (To be played at an Arena handicap level to be determined by the Host Club, but not to exceed 6 goals, or be less than 0 goals)

Applications may be entered though the tournament database, accessible by logging into the Club Delegate’s Member Portal at and selecting the tab titled “Tourn Data.” Please submit applications no later than Monday, January 30.

The USPA offers several benefits for hosting a USPA National tournament, including awards provided for the winners and runners-up, a customized Best Playing Pony blanket, promotional assistance provided through the weekly member email, and social media. Additionally, winners will be published in the USPA Bluebook. If you have any questions, please contact USPA Tournament Manager, Kaila Dowd at

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