A Close Call for La Dolfina in the U.S Open Polo Championship

pilot1It was anyone’s game this Thursday 4th April as two powerhouses of the US 22 goal season came together on the fields of the National Polo Center. La Dolfina defeat Pilot by a score of 10-9 in both teams’ second runout of the U.S. Open Polo Championship.

The Teams:


The USPA Gold Cup Champions La Dolfina may have prevailed, running out the winners, but it certainly wasn’t without a fight. Pilot matched them for possession throughout, never letting the fearsome La Dolfina duo of Poroto and Panelo control the game as they have in other matches.

The lead swapped between the two teams until a lull post halftime saw Pilot give up their hard earned position despite some unbelievable long range goals from Pieres, and Pilot succumbed to the power of the La Dolfina side with a close 9-10 defeat.

Chukka Breakdown:


Score Progression:


Top Game Stats:


Next up Pilot will face The Dutta Corp while La Dolfina take on La Fe next Wednesday 10th April.

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