Abuja club moves to popularise polo

abujaEntertainment Manager of Abuja Polo Club Mohammed Bunza Mohammed Bunza has said the club is working to promote polo in Abuja, the News Agency of Nigeria reports.

Bunza told NAN Abuja during the week that the club had been holding training sessions for kids to enable them to learn more about the game.

“We do have quite a number of programmes like the training sessions where you have kids from age five, 10 and 15 who come and ride horses and to learn the basic polo skills,’’ he said.

The club official said the club had been trying to grow in stature by hosting competitions.

He added, “Abuja Polo Club is the mini one among the polo clubs in the country. So, we are doing well for ourselves by hosting two major tournaments yearly, the Unity and the Carnival tournaments.

“The Unity tournament is done towards the end of May to celebrate the Democracy Day of May 29, while the Carnival tournament is done in November to celebrate the Abuja Carnival.”

Bunza also said the club had done well in its few years and won some trophies at the last Unity tournament.

“We have done very well because we have won prestigious trophies for the country like the Georgina Cup and many more,’’ he said.

NAN reports that polo is the oldest known ball sport and was first played on the plains of Persia as early as 450 BC on tiny Manipuri ponies and enjoyed by men and women alike.

There are approximately 3,500 registered polo players in Nigeria with an additional unknown number of unregistered players.