World Polo News is the only worldwide interactive online publication of polo news and events. This website is designed to fulfill the need of the traveling Polo community by bringing up to date news articles and polo related information to the public thru the individual efforts of contributors like you and the professional managers that control your club. Based on WPN’s interactivity, individuals from around the world can follow news of local polo clubs, its professionals and their schedules.  The platform is intended to keep readers abreast of constant goings on in the world of Polo.

The necessity of such a website arose when both the professional polo players and the polo playing individuals expressed a desire to have access to not only club news around the world but a cyber space to view, source & voice opinions of their game, skill sets and needs to fulfill their passion for the sport.

Polo clubs have sprung up all over the world exponentially in the last decade and it is only be fitting to have a space for them to post articles and news that makes for a global polo community – the intent of this website.

The success of this website is predicated on the support of clubs and professionals around the world in subscribing to this portal’s free services so as to build a network for cross communication between individuals like you, with club managers and professional polo players alike.

With that in mind, this website has been created to allow the world of Polo to constantly remain in touch with each other.

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