actionatelcabure-6-2015-1-291GThe annual polo match between journalists took place at El Caburé, Open Door, on Thursday 11/12, the event was organized by Federico Virasoro.

PoloLine (Sebastián Amaya, Cristián Harbaruk, Tucán Pereyra Iraola and Jerónimo Llorente) faced El Caburé (Javier Herrera, Federico Virasoro, Mariano Etcheverry and Juan Pablo Alessandrini) in what was a very even match.

At the end of the final chukker the score was 9-all; the victor was decided by chance, with the toss of a coin, and PoloLine were finally named the winners. The game was exciting and high – scoring, unlike the first play off, which finished 1-1.

The pitch was in great condition and so were the horses, which were loaned by Federico Virasoro. Of course, the game was just a warm up for the real event: a traditional asado offering all sorts of delicious meat cuts.

The “Battle of the Journalists” began six years ago thanks to an idea by Javier Herrera and Tucán Pereyra Iraola, and as they say, “El Caburé’s philosophy is to play with friends and have fun. That’s why it always works out so well.”