Celebs You Don't Know….Play Polo!

Here are some celebs that have spent a lot of their free time playing Polo, the most renowned Equestrian sport.



1. Prince Harry

Kate-and-George-and-Harry 137533

Prince Harry and Prince William played a game of Polo at a charity match June 14th, at the Beaufort Polo Club in England. Duchess Kate and little Prince George tagged along to watch the friendly competition.



2. Sylvester Stallone

117936820-sylvester-stallone-during-celebrity-polo-gettyimagesFrom the book Vic Armstrong - Stuntman

It’s surprising to hear that Sylvester played polo (although his father was known for it). The renowned actor quoted “Playing polo is like trying to play golf in a hurricane” so we’re pretty sure he’s sticking with his acting career.



3. “The King of Hollywood” Clark Gable


Another film actor, Clark Gable who starred in over 60 major motion pictures during the mid 1900’s, took up polo but was told not to play since it was too dangerous and could jeopardize his acting career.



4. Tommy Lee Jones


tommy tommy22

Actor and film director Tommy Lee Jones who was the academy award winner for best supporting actor in his role as U.S. Marshal in the film The Fugitive has also shown his interest in polo. He has three Polo properties, including one in California, Texas, and Florida. Now that his acting career has slowed down he can focus on his polo schedule.



5. Walt Disney

walt Walt-Polo_1930s-Riding

Walt Disney, one of the most famous American entrepreneurs was captain of the “Mickey Mouse Team”. Walt would play regularly with his employees Wednesday mornings and Saturday afternoons. Such a busy man but he made time for polo!



And there you have it! Five celebs that you probably didn’t know played polo!