Black Eagles set to defend arena title in 2015

images-news-BlackEagleswithGretaMorrison3 and 12 goal sections of The National Club Championships will be underway this Saturday

Black Eagles are back to defend their 2014 title of The HPA New Year National Club Championships 12 goal following their win in the 15 goal before Christmas. In the absence of up-and coming-young player Jack Hyde, Jonathan Munro Ford has selected a strong candidate for the third member of his team: Phil Seller, fresh off the plane from a few months in Argentina working for Fabio Lavinia. The opposition in the form of Chopendoz, Hedonism Wines and Four Quarters certainly will prove strong. Max Charlton doubles up with Roy Prisk for Yevgeny Chichvarkins’ Hedonism Wines whilst Simon Arber has gone for players from his base at Emsworth; Nico Samaran and Tarquin Southwell. Georgie French, the only lady player in the 12 goal, teams up with Leon Allen and Jamie Morrison for Chopendoz. The first game, hosted by the Royal County of Berkshire Polo Club is scheduled for Sunday 11 January with Black Eagles taking on Chopendoz.

The 1-3 goal section of the tournament draw boasts two leagues of four teams in each – double the number of 2014 entries. League 1 features an all-ladies line-up of Nell Jacobs and the Meadows sisters (Saskia and Genevieve) whilst Vaux Park (Hannah Parry-Jones, Will Penfold and Tom Parry Jones) will be making the trip up from Somerset. The Hertfordshire Print On Demand team, featuring the Cork brothers (Andy and Marcus) alongside Stuart Beetles, will play their first game of the Championships against Red Kites (headed up by Josh Clover) from Fifield Polo Club. Despite being the 2014 3 goal winning team, the MHF Tally Ho Farm side have changed their line-up and will be represented by Alan Ruzzaman, Alexandra Edwards and James Mann – who, as a 2 goal team, will be the lowest handicapped trio of the tournament. Recent clothing sponsors of an England team trip to India a Black Hound team will also be making an appearance in the tournament with Harry Hutchings, Ricky Cooper and Nick Beitner.

For further information on the teams, and game times visit the Tournament section of our website.

Photograph: Black Eagles were triumphant in The HPA Christmas National Club Championships 15 Goal pictures here with Greta Morrison. By Lucy Wilson