butlerhandicapatgreenwich-38-2015-7-211GAirstream and K.I.G. played an intense match for the Butler Handicap that went into overtime and gave win to Airstream 8-7 after a penalti shot by Michel Dorignac. Greenwich Polo Club added this public match to the schedule and fans showed up to watch the action.

The game started with one point on the scoreboard for K.I.G. due to the difference in handicaps between the teams. The teams were neck-and-neck during the first half, with the score tied 2-2 as fans started divot stomping. Airstream came out of their tents for the next half with an air of authority, putting three goals on the board for a two goal difference in their favor. In the 5th chukker, both teams made one goal each. The action heated up unexpectedly on the field. K.I.G. had a quick team meeting before the last chukker of the game and came out very strong, putting three goals back on the board to tie the game at the last minute. The match then went into sudden death overtime.

The tension rose as Joaquin Panelo made a break away attempt for K.I.G. but a successful bump from Airstream shut down his attempt at the goal. Airstream got the ball back and ran with it until a loud whistle from the Umpire who called a Penalty 2 on K.I.G. at the 30 yard line. Airstream charged at an undefended goal and without hesitation Michel Dorignac sunk the ball into the goal to win the game for Airstream.

Airstream’s Guillermo Aguero was named MVP and Machitos Presumida, owned and played by K.I.G.’s Matias Magrini, was named Best Playing Pony.

Airstream will advance to the final against White Birch Thursday at Greenwich Polo Club.