Cartier Queen's Cup knockout rounds

dubaiResults announced for last two days of play at Guards Polo Club
The last two day’s knockout matches have decided the teams for the Quarter-Finals of The Cartier Queen’s Cup 2015, with the favourites all clearing their way through to the next stage of the tournament. Dubai beat Somerton 13-10, VPS Healthcare Sifani lost 14-9 to King Power, and Salkeld knocked out HB Polo, 14-12.

One surprising match, however, saw RH Polo beat El Remanso 14-9. After a grueling 7chukka match against Zacara on Sunday, El Remanso were the hot favourite to beat RH Polo, whose lacklustre performance so far this tournament has seen them fail to win any of their previous matches.

However, Nico Pieres was on form and fought back with a fast and fluid game, foxing El Remanso, who failed to answer the challenge. Pieres’ spectacular runs often resulted in goals, punishing El Remanso for their staleness of play. However, the onus was not just on Pieres as Fran Elizalde also played strongly, forming an important part of the team, a dramatic improvement of form that saw victory for Ben Soleimani’s team.

RH Polo will now play Talandracas on Sunday at 3pm in the final Quarter-Final of the 2015 Cartier Queen’s Cup.

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Photograph: Dubai vs. Somerton action at Billingbear Polo Club. By