Chris Hyde goes to 10

chrisHPA announces historical handicap
The HPA Handicap Committee has announced Chris Hyde as the first ever British player to reach 10 goals in the arena. After a busy and successful winter season, helping Back Eagles to victory in The Arena Gold Cup and Captaining England for the annual Test Match at Hickstead, Hyde can now enjoy the fruits of his labours. Polo Times spoke to Sebastian Dawnay, a member of the HPA Arena Handicap Committee about the decision to put Hyde to 10: “Chris’ handicap increase to 10 is 100% based on his performance this season – he is 10goals in the arena all day, every day. He won The Gold Cup – where I played against him and found he was on a whole other standard of playing – The Test Match at Hickstead and he was outstanding in St. Moritz; across the board, the Committee felt that he deserved the change in handicap. Apart from the Final of The Arena Nationals, he has remained undefeated in the 2014/15 season and everybody thought he should be recognised for that.”
Photograph: Chris Hyde is the first British 10 goaler in the arena. By Tony Ramirez/